Populorum Progressio 84: An Appeal To Government Authorities

Here, Pope Paul VI addressed his words To Government Authorities:

84. Government leaders, your task is to draw your communities into closer ties of solidarity with all (people), and to convince them that they must accept the necessary taxes on their luxuries and their wasteful expenditures in order to promote the development of nations and the preservation of peace.

A statement that surely must have made the 1% nervous. But taxation is a mark of civilization, and the lack of it as an indulgence to self-indulgent behavior by the powerful. Representative government cannot shirk the responsibility to provide a counterweight for the middle class, and especially the poor.

Delegates to international organizations, it is largely your task to see to it that senseless arms races and dangerous power plays give way to mutual collaboration between nations, a collaboration that is friendly, peace oriented, and divested of self-interest, a collaboration that contributes greatly to the common development of (humankind) and allows the individual to find fulfillment.

Self-determination for every individual, and not just the upper crust, is a Christian value we cannot ignore.

This encyclical letter is © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana, and can be found in its entirety at this link.

The image is of Lady Justice at the Central Criminal Court of London.

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