One Gun, Gold Gun, Red Guns, Blue Guns

So, another school shooting. Middle schoolers playing gangsta. Wouldn’t surprise if the shooter held the gun sideways.

Personally, I have no problem with guns as objects. My dad taught me to shoot when I was a kid. We kids bugged him about his handgun, which he carried for protection while ferrying valuable jewelry for his job. He told us we would never find it at home, and warned us strongly against looking for it. 

As a military vet, I suspect he was drilled in the care and safety of firearms. I think that example is a positive one somewhat lost on the modern American gun cult.

Arms dealers, naturally, want to maximize the profit margin. So why not drum up unrest? If one gun is good to have, then ten or twenty must be better. And to be accurate, my dad spent a few years collecting rifles. His collection maxed out at six. I think they were hunting rifles, though he never hunted animals as far as I know. Target shooting–that’s what I learned. Then the collection was sold. Other hobbies beckoned.

From the New Mexico Public Education Department:

Today’s tragic event at Washington MS in Albuquerque means the terrible scourge of school violence has landed on our doorstep.

There’s more to it. It’s a problem of pampered privileged gun owners. They’ve been too emboldened by judicial and political wins. They aren’t held accountable for a lack of training the use and safe storage of firearms. They blunder by letting their kids have access to their weapons. That’s a big one in this case.

I cannot see how this gun’s owner can’t be held accountable as an accessory to murder. Celebrity parents bribing and cheating to get their kids into a college of choice meant anywhere from a week to a few months in comfort-security prison. As an advocate for restorative justice, I don’t think prison is always a go-to. But someone, somewhere, has to level the accountability issue. Either the person who sold the kid this gun. The parents who were lax in gun safety. 


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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