MR Prefaces: Blessed Virgin Mary I

The Roman Church offers two prefaces for solemnities, feasts, and other observances of the Blessed Virgin. The first is credal, citing the Immaculate Conception and the ancient belief that Mary’s virginity was perpetual. Without lingering on that topic, lines four and five move quickly to the Incarnation. As we’ve seen with the Ordinary Sunday prefaces, these texts have a strong strain of being Christocentric, and this continues in each of these.

Here’s the MR2:

And here, the current one in use:

For by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit
she conceived your Only Begotten Son,
and without losing the glory of virginity,
brought forth into the world the eternal Light,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Except for the stray preposition, pretty much the same. This preface is the go-to for any observance of the Blessed Virgin in the liturgical calendar. It includes mention of the Holy Spirit and maintains focus on Jesus as the other prefaces do.

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