What Does It Mean To Pray For Them?

Another public figure with a public stance against pandemic precautions has picked up the virus.

I was watching a social media discussion about Cardinal Burke, and praying for him. Someone groused that the sentiment of praying for him seemed to have a bit of an edge to it. I suppose if we wished for every antivax politician and bishop to get the virus, we’d be the ones needing prayer.

My own best practice would probably be to hush up about these cases. But it’s difficult. As a parent, I’ve certainly seen bad decisions from the young miss. I expected bad things to result and sometimes I wasn’t surprised, and sometimes I was. Little things like a homework method I knew she misunderstood or I could see she was missing some point. When she would get frustrated–either with me or the problem–I would decline to push it.

A deadly virus that could still spread contagion to children: this is pretty serious stuff. I have a friend who with their spouse has informed the parents: no grandchildren visits until you get the shot. I doubt my friend was feeling happy about that conversation.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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