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A friend in ministry alerted me to Timothy Troutner’s piece on imprecatory psalms in the Church Life Journal (Notre Dame). These psalms have always been around; no one’s excised them from the Bible. Their absence from the Liturgy of the … Continue reading

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Profile In Courage

I read JFK’s Profiles in Courage in middle school. I don’t remember much; I found it a bit dry. But then again, what do adolescents know? The premise is excellent, though, and if it were ever expanded to modern folk, including people … Continue reading

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Bread Of Life Songs: Take And Eat

The Bread of Life sequence concludes this weekend after a pause to see the Blessed Virgin at the end of her mortal life. I confess this piece is one of my favorite songs for the Communion Procession. This is the … Continue reading

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MR Prefaces: Blessed Virgin Mary II

The the second of two prefaces for solemnities, feasts, and other observances of the Blessed Virgin is based on Scripture. Note that it cites Psalm 98, a lyric (the “ends of the earth”) used on Christmas Day, as a common … Continue reading

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Not Wanting To Believe

In nearly all corners of the US, there’s a personal suspension of belief. What I mean is that often we’re confronted with difficult obstacles, like an endless war overseas or a pandemic. We want to think a Hollywood ending is … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 250: Forgiving But Not Forgetting

Speaking of Forgiving but not forgetting … 250. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Or better, in the face of a reality that can in no way be denied, relativized or concealed, forgiveness is still possible. In the face of an action … Continue reading

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