MR Prefaces: Blessed Virgin Mary II

The the second of two prefaces for solemnities, feasts, and other observances of the Blessed Virgin is based on Scripture. Note that it cites Psalm 98, a lyric (the “ends of the earth”) used on Christmas Day, as a common psalm for that season, as well as at some Marian feasts. More familiar to many Catholics is the reference to the Magnificat.

Here is the MR2:

And the one in contemporary usage:

For truly even to the earth’s ends
you have done great things
and extended your abundant mercy from age to age:
when you looked on the lowliness of your handmaid,
you gave us through her the author of our salvation,
your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

The MR3 is a bit awkward on keeping to one sentence, but most clergy will proclaim this passage as if it were two, as the MR2 gives it. Line 5 of the MR3 can seem a bit confusing with the repeated pronouns. The essential fact here is “You gave us Jesus,” however that is translated. The phrases “through her” and the descriptive “author of our salvation” might be placed outside of that vital statement, not cluttering it. A flaw of both translations.

January 1st would be a good harmonization for this preface, as well as any Marian feast that includes Luke 1:46-55 in the Liturgy of the Word.

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2 Responses to MR Prefaces: Blessed Virgin Mary II

  1. Devin Rice says:

    I am curious. These last two prefaces are not ones that are commonly heard. They are almost never used on a day of precept. January 1st has its own proper preface. And I have never seen a priest most inclined to disregard the prescriptions of the missal to make a switch like you are recommending. What led you to go to this path?

  2. Todd says:

    The Marian feasts these days, plus randomly sifting through the back of the preface section in the Missal. I will probably get to the prefaces for specific feasts and the Masses for VNO last, as they are buried more or less deeply in the Missal. I do know January 1 has its own preface, but I like that this one draws on Scripture, citing Psalm 98 as well as the Magnificat.

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