Profile In Courage

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee - Official Portrait, 115th Congress.jpgI read JFK’s Profiles in Courage in middle school. I don’t remember much; I found it a bit dry. But then again, what do adolescents know? The premise is excellent, though, and if it were ever expanded to modern folk, including people serving in the House, I think Barbara Lee deserves an entry.

Recently, I heard a profile on her and her vote in audio media–I forget where. In the aftermath of the Afghanistan debacle of this summer, she commented:

I almost wish, in many ways, that I had been wrong.

I think it is a mark of integrity for a person who, in a position of I-told-you-so, to ponder if a contrary decision might have worked better. Things like:

  • the virus isn’t bad enough for us to lose hundreds of thousands in death.
  • Pope Benedict’s loosening of TLM restrictions really did enrich the Church rather than divide it.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan and all the countries in which we interfered are really better off.

Things like that.

But in the real world, bad decisions have tragic consequences, especially for innocent people. Sometimes you need a real courageous person to stand up and suggest we wait a bit.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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