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USPS: Apollo 8

The US Postal Service followed up its Gemini stamp a few years later with Apollo 8’s “giant leap.” Neil Armstrong might have referenced humankind’s leap when he stepped on the moon, but truth be told, the first lunar orbit mission … Continue reading

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On Criticism, With Mary

I noticed a headline at a church music site and clicked the link. Leading off: I checked our line-up for this weekend at my parish, and the Communion hymn is Landry’s “Hail Mary: Gentle Woman.” This seems to have become … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 251: Revenge

Not only does forgiveness defuse social destruction, but it leashes destruction within the individual. 251. Those who truly forgive do not forget. Instead, they choose not to yield to the same destructive force that caused them so much suffering. They … Continue reading

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