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Decline Or Fail?

John Allen is worried about religious architecture. Should he be? He references … a recent feature in, of all places, the New York Times “Style” supplement featuring a rundown of what its contributors consider the 25 most important pieces of post-war … Continue reading

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Post-Conciliar Psalmody, Part 1

Yesterday’s discussion on Psalm 34, and taking care to watch the verses assigned for the Sunday Liturgy of the Word, got me thinking. How did Catholic church musicians start programming the psalms and how did we get to where we … Continue reading

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Word Game 1

When I don’t listen to podcasts or music on my daily walks, I sometimes play word games. They remind me of car trips with the miss when she was young, and more willing to engage in three-way fun on long … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 255: Two Extreme Situations

Buckle up, readers. Pope Francis tackles two vital issues guaranteed to get the Catholic Right riled up: War and the Death Penalty. 255. There are two extreme situations that may come to be seen as solutions in especially dramatic circumstances, … Continue reading

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