Word Game 1

See the source imageWhen I don’t listen to podcasts or music on my daily walks, I sometimes play word games. They remind me of car trips with the miss when she was young, and more willing to engage in three-way fun on long drives.

This one I had been pondering for a few weeks and had time this morning to work it out a bit and have a go.

  1. Six-letter words, each starting with a subsequent letter of the alphabet.
  2. Each word must have alternating vowels and consonants.

That’s easy enough for a child who’s been reading for a few years, but here is where style points come in:

  • No proper names, like Nevada.
  • No silent vowels as in nature. Or minimal silent vowels.
  • Variety in the list. In other words, banana and cabana would be a rather lame sequence, at least in this judge’s eyes.

Acknowledging that a q-word would be tough unless you found a foreign language derivative, and maybe x too, that leaves 24 or 25 words. Could your list contain every letter of the alphabet twice?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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