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Post-Conciliar Psalmody, Part 3

Owen Alstott, I once heard, scribbled the first notes to his Heritage Mass on a paper napkin in response to the need for simple, serviceable music that anybody could sing, and most basically competent musicians could lead. Say what you … Continue reading

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Pandemic Quote of the Day: Sirach 38:6-8

Sirach 38 leads off with praise for the doctor and his craft/service/art. Perhaps modern science was still centuries off, but the healing profession was certainly valued in ancient times. The appeal to God from anti-vaxxers rings very very false to … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 258: Justifying War

A heavily footnoted paragraph. We lead off with a reference from the Catechism. It is a truth that people, even otherwise just and good people can make bad decisions, even evil ones. They can be deceived. They can deceive themselves. … Continue reading

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Naming Names

A Catholic high school in Iowa, in a community where my wife and I once lived, is facing a call to change its name. So, Christopher Columbus. I am sure this is an anguish for both sides. Change advocates suggest … Continue reading

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