Pandemic Quote of the Day: Sirach 38:6-8

Sirach 38 leads off with praise for the doctor and his craft/service/art. Perhaps modern science was still centuries off, but the healing profession was certainly valued in ancient times.

The appeal to God from anti-vaxxers rings very very false to my ears. God has created human beings with intellect, curiosity, tenacity, the capacity to explore and discover, and all the qualities needed to put our minds to work to work healing in the world.

Let second century BC wisdom tell it:

(God) endows people with knowledge,
to glory in his mighty works,
Through which the doctor eases pain,
and the druggist prepares his medicines.
Thus God’s work continues without cease
in its efficacy on the surface of the earth. (NABRE)

So, trust in the disciplines of medicine and science. Continue in skepticism about Big Pharma enriching itself at a time when millions have died and more millions suffer. Just be sure you protest also the dealing of arms and the war profiteers who have siphoned off a few trillion dollars from the US federal budget these past two decades. Money to pay soldiers and care for their injuries: this is good. Money to enrich the already-wealthy who did not engage in warfare personally, not so good. Otherwise, such skeptics really have not much to complain about.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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