JP the First on the Beatification Trail

Ioannes Paulus I, at the window, 1978 (retouched) (cropped).tifI was in college when we had the year of three popes. Who knows what the Church would have been like with a few years of John Paul in the see of Peter.

Beatification up next on his and our pilgrimage, and at best, I have mixed feelings. I know very little about the man. I read he sent a congratulations telegram to the parents of the first “test tube” baby. Unlike some American conservatives, I do think it is possible for a prelate to offer a kind word for a decidedly pro-choice politician without being tainted as “confusing” the ignorant faithful.

Still, a moratorium on clergy saints for a few centuries might not be a bad thing. People outside ordination, religious life, white malehood, Europe, and such need saintly role models that look like them. After all, the point is not how many saints we can pack into the martyrology, but how many living people can aspire to the saintly life.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Liam says:

    Used copies of the collection of his once-famous Italian-language letters to characters in fiction et cet., “Illustrissimi” – a version of an English translation was published on the heels of his election under the title of “Illustrissimi: Letters from Pope John Paul I” – are readily available at then usual places, and it’s a book worth reading.

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