MR Prefaces: Common Preface I

In the Roman Missal Order of Mass, number 72 marks the first of six texts labelled “Common Preface.” Let’s remember that simple rubric which instructs:

The following Preface is said in Masses that have no proper Preface, and for which a Preface related to a specific liturgical time is not indicated.

By the book, this would not be an Ordinary Sunday, as we have multiple options from which to choose. Most likely this preface or any of the five others would be prayed at a daily Mass unattached to a saint.

The English translation of the Roman Missal Second Edition labeled these “for General Use.” Here is what we might have prayed in 1998:

The reference is Philippians 2, the Kenosis Canticle. In the MR3, the label reads, “The renewal of all things in Christ.” Here is the text:

In him you have been pleased to renew all things,
giving us all a share in his fullness.

For though he was in the form of God,
he emptied himself
and by the blood of his Cross
brought peace to all creation.

Therefore he has been exalted above all things,
and to all who obey him,
has become the source of eternal salvation.

In some future age, I suppose the meanings of what are now taken as synonyms–all things, the world, all creation–will be somewhat split. Human beings will live on more than one world, and recognizing a wider creation than just one planet. Exactly what parts of the universe are in need of salvation? Is it just human beings who sin? What of living things and inanimate objects? There is a reference to “renewing all things,” but that might also be a revitalization after the pillage wrought by invading men and women over the long millennia of time.

Still, a good text for any weekday where the Lectionary mentions the coming Passion, or a New Testament reading focuses on some aspect of christology. Any other thoughts?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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