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People Who Pray, More or Less

A sad bit of fake news from the NCReg: Prayers will be offered on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. But fewer will be praying than previously, as there are fewer people who pray at all. There are other problems with … Continue reading

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JP2 On Addressing Terrorism At Its Base

It’s not quite as satisfying as the human indulgence for the visceral, but Pope John Paul II had the measure of things, much more than US politicians of any stripe at the time: International cooperation in the fight against terrorist … Continue reading

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MR Prefaces: Common Preface II

One of the shortest texts among the prefaces, but a divine phenomenon that is beyond words, beyond gratitude: salvation through Christ. This is one text clearly superior in the translation of the Roman Missal Second Edition: And the third edition: … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: A Crucial Challenge, part 3

An honest observation: 3) Christians remain a living force capable of witnessing with discernment and courage at the heart of neo-pagan culture, even though in some traditionally Christian countries practicing Christians are no longer the majority of the country. Can … Continue reading

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Upcoming Synods

Two synods on my horizon, one near and one far. Maybe they are each manifestations of the same vector in the Church. It strikes me as inaccurate to suggest these events as singular moments when a lot of people get … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 274: When Religion Is A Benefit

Today, more people than ever discount the role of religion in the right order of human society. Pope Francis would suggest that religion can be contaminated by selfishness and non-religious aims. We see that when politics and religion mix, as … Continue reading

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