MR Prefaces: Common Preface IV

Let’s discuss “Praise, the gift of God.”

This is another preface that can be dropped on any Ordinary weekday when a saint isn’t a required feature for the choice of liturgy.

The English MR2:

… and the current Missal text:

For, although you have no need of our praise,
yet our thanksgiving is itself your gift,
since our praises add nothing to your greatness,
but profit us for salvation,
through Christ our Lord.

As a visual prayer, the MR3 text is good enough. While I know “profit” can be a verb, it has two problems. First, the modern indulgence to appropriate nouns and turn them into verbs. But mainly, that profit’s homonym is prophet. And it might have been bvetter just to avoid a distracted listening that doesn’t quite register as sensible. Besides, ICEL and Vox Clara liked the alliteration of “Save Us, Savior” well enough. “Grow in your grace” is just as off-the tongue lovely.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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