MR Prefaces: Common Preface V

The fifth of six prefaces which are labelled “Common” is labelled “The proclamation of the Mystery of Christ.” Faith, hope, and love, and what is essentially the Paschal Mystery cited in twenty-one words.

The English translation of the Roman Missal Second Edition rendered it thus:

And the current Missal, which got the translation of the virtues right while moving them to the ends of each phrase:

His Death we celebrate in love,
his Resurrection we confess with living faith,
and his Coming in glory we await with unwavering hope.

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3 Responses to MR Prefaces: Common Preface V

  1. Liam says:

    MR3 is much better.

  2. Devin Rice says:

    Are the common prefaces new compositions or were these found in other ancient sources that were relatively left untouched? Among the collects, I had noticed a trend in the current missal that “new compositions” or combinations from previous sources tend not to translate as well into English, they are overly wordy. These common prefaces are much better. The above CP V, along w/ CP I & IV would do well on Sundays.

  3. Good question, Devin. That level of scholarship is beyond my resources; I haven’t had access to a good seminary library in over 30 years. I think the Roman “style” of brevity and clarity is a big advantage. I suspect that is the more likely reason why many clergy routinely choose EP 2 and 3. Not that they save a minute or two, but just that in ordinary circumstances, EP 1 can be too dense and cluttered. Like a second helping of chocolate lava cake after a big pasta meal when a biscotti will do quite well.

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