One Down, One More To Go

For me, it’s usually a winter activity. But summer sunlight was helpful to solve the subtleties in the dark shades at the top. As you can see in the shine, all the pieces were the same pattern and many very nearly the same exact shape. A few spots had to be redone. 

Right, and so it begins…

My wife didn’t recognize the image on the box of this next one. Not right away. My old mountain from the Pac NW.

Might hold on to that one. 

How did this all start? My mom had a 350-piece of Paul Bunyan when I was a kid. I think I assembled it several times. She had two 650-piece jobs in the round. I started them and she, alas, would finish them off. 

Over the years, I get on a kick for a few puzzles at a time. They get returned to the thrift store, and then there’s a pause. As a boy, I used to imagine the scene in the puzzle as the whole universe, and ask myself: would I want to live within the bounds of this image? Maybe that’s why I gravitate to nature scenes, especially ones with mountains.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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