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The sorting is complete. I thought I’d try a new technique: after the dump, go through 1,026 pieces and screen for color. As a further challenge, I never look at the box once I begin. For scenery, it’s easy to … Continue reading

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All Symbols Matter

I saw this bit on NCRep from the CNS on crucifixes in public classrooms. It’s Italy, not the US. But it brings to mind another occasional conservative vector that often makes me wonder, “Do we really want to go there?” … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: How can the Via Pulchritudinis be a Response? Part 2

Our second part looking at section II-2, and the question: How can the Via Pulchritudinis be a Response? This call to philosophers might surprise some people, but is not the via pulchritudinis also a via veritatis on which man engages to discover the bonitas of God’s love, source of … Continue reading

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All Eyes On Jupiter

Literally. Amateur astronomers all over the world, most all the time, it seems. Citizen (full-in-the-blank). Dislike that term. Citizen Journalist. Citizen Researcher. Citizen Kane. Citizen Mind-Your-Own-Business. I don’t mind calling myself an amateur astronomer. Or at least I did before … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 280: The Intercession For Unity

Let’s not think of unity as an exclusively Roman Catholic thing in the face of real or imagined threats of schism, disagreements, a Left/Right divide, and so on. (Though that petition for confessional unity is important.) 280. At the same … Continue reading

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