All Eyes On Jupiter

Astrophotographer José Luis Pereira of São Paulo, Brazil took this photo - and video - of an explosion as an object, likely a giant rock, hit Jupiter's atmosphere on Monday night (Sept. 13, 2021).Literally. Amateur astronomers all over the world, most all the time, it seems.

Citizen (full-in-the-blank). Dislike that term. Citizen Journalist. Citizen Researcher. Citizen Kane. Citizen Mind-Your-Own-Business. I don’t mind calling myself an amateur astronomer. Or at least I did before I gave away all my telescopes on the last two moves.

Off that, there is this remarkable short video of something hitting Jupiter. Before the days of easy moving pictures, I wonder how many folks looking through their backyard device saw a flash on the moon or a planet and just rubbed their eye, put it back on the scope and considered it might be time to go in the house for the night. 

These days, a computer can track sky objects steadily and any sort of camera will keep its eye on the sky for you.

Oh, and that dark spot on the farthest right side of the planet? The moon Io was eclipsing the sun; it’s shadow appears on the cloud tops. Cool. Again, literally: the temp there is -280F

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to All Eyes On Jupiter

  1. Liam says:

    Silly, that was just Jupiter using flash to take a photo of Earth. Apple got Elon Musk to deliver a special iPhoneOlympus for Jove’s birthday. The planetary gods have been melancholy with the recentering of human attentions away from them.

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