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MR Prefaces: Common Preface VII

The English translation of the Roman Missal Second Edition labeled seven prefaces “for General Use.” One more than in the Missal currently in use. ICEL included what appears to be an original composition. What do you make of this text? … Continue reading

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Jonah’s Lament

Image credit: By Diliff, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=823649 I was thinking of the prophet Jonah earlier today. Specifically, his psalm that is featured in chapter two of the book of that name. In liturgy, how would this lyric fit? It … Continue reading

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On Reconciliation and Penance

What to look at next on this site? I suppose I could focus exclusively on the “Way of Beauty” document from 2006. That will continue daily for an estimated two to three months. It’s a good document; quite interesting. A … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: How can the Via Pulchritudinis be a Response? Part 3

As we examine the question, How can the Via Pulchritudinis be a Response? we read the concession that philosophy is part of, but not the complete way we encounter the Way of Beauty. The way I read it: God made human beings to … Continue reading

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Fratelli Tutti 281: Religion And Violence

Today, a brief word on the possibility of peace, and the deep, deep likelihood that we will find a surprising Matthew 21:31 moment at the end of time: RELIGION AND VIOLENCE 281. A journey of peace is possible between religions. … Continue reading

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