Via Pulchritudinis: The Way of Beauty, Pathway towards the Truth and the Good, part 3

Let’s finish up II-3 The Way of Beauty, Pathway towards the Truth and the Good.

The way of beauty replies to the intimate desire for happiness that resides in the heart of every person.

A brief interlude here … I think the desire goes deeper than happiness. I think we’re talking qualities like joy and wonder. At least that seems to be the direction in the rest of this part:

Opening infinite horizons, it prompts the human person to push outside of (themselves), from the routine of the ephemeral passing instant, to the Transcendent and Mystery, and seek, as the final goal of the ultimate quest for wellbeing and total nostalgia, this original beauty which is God Himself, creator of all created beauty. Numerous Fathers referred to this during the Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist in October 2005. (Humankind’s) intimate desire for wellbeing is faced with the evils of suffering and of death. So too cultures are sometimes confronted with analogous phenomena of injuries and scars that can lead to their disappearance. The voice of beauty helps open ourselves up to the light of truth, and it lightens the human condition helping it seize the meaning of pain. In this way it helps the healing of these injuries.

The rift caused by human disobedience and the root sin of Adam and Eve continues to shadow us. We come up far short of our original creation and so much is clouded or in darkness to our view. Every so often, the curtain parts and get that hint of “original beauty” and how much of that has been imparted to the universe around us.

The full document is here.

Image: the rose window at Notre Dame in Paris, By Zachi Evenor based on File:North rose window of Notre-Dame de Paris, Aug 2010.jpg by Julie Anne Workman – CC BY-SA 2.0,

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