A bit of hanger space for the latest in men’s wardrobe bling: the mask.

I like using these face coverings with the clips, and not just because they hang so well next to my tie racks. I find the snug fit to be comfortable–I really dislike clothing that’s too loose. Including masks.

I think the coming months will be a masking time as we progress through the winter. One of my singers tested positive for the virus a few weeks back. Not too surprising, as she is a nurse in real life and exposed, I’m sure, to all sort of sick people including the occasional non-vax person.

My dear sister has been promoting oil therapy I guess. This is a Thing. I’m told a drop on the base of my foot or on my temples will help me calm down or not get headaches. Or things like that. I have a small container of cinnamon oil at my parish office. A little drop on the tip of my nose transfers to the mask and it smells like one of my favorite spices all week. It seems those oils are fairly powerful and long-lasting. I’m not minding the masking at all, really. Even optional but encouraged, the parish has gone from about 15% masked to 80% over the last few weeks. Good, sensible people.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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