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MR Prefaces: Apostles I

The Roman Missal provides two prefaces for a feast of an apostle. Here is the rubric that accompanies the first one: The following preface is said in Masses of the Apostles, especially of Saints Peter and Paul. Quick quiz: how … Continue reading

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Simple Art

Many years ago, a confirmation candidate gifted me with this simple wooden cross. Frankly, the style is not my usual cup of tea. I have icons, traditional and modern. I gravitate to paintings across all centuries, even modern and abstract … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: Creation, Used or Idolized

Section C discussing “The Beauty of Creation considers “Creation, Used or Idolized.” I think the writers of the document blunder a bit on this section. Two recent astronomer memoirs testify to the great attraction for the marvels of the heavens. … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 4: The Synod’s View, Part 1

We’ll tackle this long section over the next week of posts. Here we get Pope John Paul II’s view of The Synod’s View. First, the Holy Father counselled a study of reconciliation. Can’t argue against that, really. Therefore every institution … Continue reading

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