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Free Lunch

Two experiences today in social media. First, a facebook friend mentioned the amount of food way, way past its expiration date they receive at the food bank where she volunteers. My comment on her thread: The American way: let them … Continue reading

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What Tears Apart Families?

I saw this headline (Antidotes to the Cultural Poison That Is Ripping the Family Apart) at the NCReg, and predictably, the commentator limits himself to the usual conservative bugaboos: abortion, divorce, and contraception. I also think that for a wider … Continue reading

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MR Prefaces: For the Dead I

The Roman Missal provides five prefaces for a funeral or memorial Mass. It’s interesting the second edition mentions their use for All Souls Day, but the new Roman Missal does not. By the way, they can be used on the … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: Beauty Inspired by the Faith, Part 1

Let’s discuss Christian art. We’ll take section A) Beauty Inspired by the Faith in two bites. Starting here: Christian-inspired works of art, which constitute an incomparable part of humanity’s artistic and cultural patrimony, are the object of a veritable infatuation for … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 4: The Synod’s View, Part 5

The traditional Christian view is that the original human fall from grace colors our futile efforts to keep ourselves in virtue. Saint Paul wrote of his own frustrations and his observation of believers he evangelized and served in communities across … Continue reading

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