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Synodality Comes To Australia

Inés San Martín from Cruxnow reports from a synod breaking out Down Under: Called a “Plenary Council,” it’s the first such gathering in Australia since 1937, and it will be celebrated across nine months, bookended by assemblies from October 3-10 … Continue reading

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Poor Mark

Actually, he’s not really poor. But Mr Zuckerberg did lose more wealth today than three-thousand aerospace engineers earn in a lifetime.* Still a tough day. Stock market losses. Whistleblower. More faith in social media shaken. A friend of a friend … Continue reading

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MR Prefaces: For the Dead III

The third of the Roman Missal’s five prefaces for a funeral or memorial Mass is certainly the shortest. In any translation. We have three succinct statements about Jesus, as we read in both the second edition translation:     And … Continue reading

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Diocese of Rome Synod Address Part 1, An Exercise In Mutual Listening

Pope Francis introduced the synod to the entire diocese of Rome, and began by describing broadly the intent of a synod, giving a few Scripture citations too. (There are a lot of those in the address.) I was particularly struck … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: Learning to Welcome This Beauty

The second topic in the Beauty of the Arts: Learning to Welcome this Beauty. Unfortunately, human beings even some within the Church, have allowed themselves to get distracted and thus miss opportunities for beauty in all sorts of arts. Great art, … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 4: The Synod’s View, Part 7

It is this reconciliation, the result of conversion, which is dealt with in the present apostolic exhortation. For, as happened at the end of the three previous assemblies of the synod, this time too the fathers who had taken part … Continue reading

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