MR Prefaces: For the Dead III

The third of the Roman Missal’s five prefaces for a funeral or memorial Mass is certainly the shortest. In any translation.

We have three succinct statements about Jesus, as we read in both the second edition translation:



And the third:

For he is the salvation of the world,
the life of the human race,
the resurrection of the dead.

It could almost serve as an acclamation: a verse for the alleluia, after the institution narrative, for an assembly affirmation after a baptism, or as an antiphon for a Song of Farewell or at the committal. Not very lyrical, but very Roman. Like preface II, I can’t recall ever hearing it. But if it were proclaimed, it wouldn’t take much of a distraction to miss it. Thoughts on this one or the last?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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