Offer On The Table: Just Like Starting Over

See the source imageI wasn’t planning on writing any more about the corruption and fraud trial at Vatican City. But I noticed this bit in the NCRep:

The Vatican prosecutor conceded procedural errors Oct. 5 in his fraud and corruption investigation into the Holy See’s finances and offered to remedy them by essentially starting over, throwing the trial of 10 people into question before it really got off the ground.

The president of the Vatican’s tribunal, Judge Giuseppe Pignatone, plans to rule Oct. 6 whether or how the trial involving the Holy See’s 350 million-euro investment in a London property can proceed after the defense argued the prosecution’s mistakes were so grave as to render the indictment void.

Prosecutor Alessandro Diddi made the surprise offer to take back all the evidence and to re-question the defendants at the start of the second hearing of a trial that opened in July.

Well, wow. You never saw the 1978-2013 CDF offer to start over with more fairness.

An international law professor not involved with the trial, Andrea Saccucci, was interviewed by the AP’s Nicole Winfield. From that:

It seems there are several aspects that pose problems from the point of view of respecting the rights of the defense according to international standards.

Clearly the lack of respect of these rights can invalidate a possible conviction.

The piece also mentioned that if convicted the plan is not some basement in Pope Francis’ residence building or a crypt in St Peter’s. The convicts would be sent to some other nation for jail time. NIMBY possibly? Or just that 108.7 acres of real estate can just do so much.

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