Playing God

The Daily Beast, a secular organ, headlines a bad Pope Francis in my news feed. A blogging friend labelled him a terrorist. I have to laugh.

I don’t know if Cardinal Becciu, if he is convicted of the crimes of which he is accused, will get put into some basement at the Vatican behind a locked door. The DB mentions the man was pro-B16. Didn’t know that and don’t know that is as significant as being, say, pro-Hans Küng, in the 1978-2013 era. I do remember that Professor Küng did dine with the new pope in 2005. Like Cardinal Becciu recently with his old pope.

See the source image

Obviously, my observation in the aforementioned era is that a lot of bishops, theologians, and women religious were falsely accused and wrongly felt the hammer of so-called justice. Church people want fairness? Think it’s not forthcoming? That’s not a personality quirk of a particular pope; it’s the whole system.

Financial mismanagement is likely viewed as a deeper threat than sex abuse to some prelates. The Church runs on donations. If the donors lose faith with the institution, the income dries up. Sex abuse can be and still is dismissed as a minority offense committed by isolated individuals. I think the bishops misunderstand this matter. But I also think they’ve already chased away most of the Catholics who would care enough to withhold donations or leave.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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