MR Prefaces: For the Dead V

The Roman Missal provides five prefaces for a funeral or memorial Mass. The last of them is subtitled, “Our resurrection through the victory of Christ.”

As with the other prefaces listed “For the Dead,” there’s not an obvious Scripture reference I can detect here, either in the paraphrase of the second edition’s translation:

Or in the current Missal:

For even though by our own fault we perish,
yet by your compassion and your grace,
when seized by death according to our sins,
we are redeemed through Christ’s great victory,
and with him called back into life.

I think “sin” is a more abrupt word than “fault.” Shorter words are good when dealing with hard topics–unlike much of my vocabulary. Otherwise, these translations seem a toss-up to me.

Thoughts on this or with any of the other prefaces?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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