Via Pulchritudinis: Beauty in the Liturgy, Part 1

This is a topic I almost isolated and treated on its own, but in the end the whole document poked my interest. It’s taken a while to get to Beauty in the Liturgy.

Where we left off yesterday, we looked at beauty in Christian holiness, namely in Mary and the other saints. They tap the beauty of the Lord in their service to his mission and their care and compassion for others. Worship also gives a window into Divine Beauty, especially the celebration of Mass:

The beauty of the love of Christ comes to meet us each day not only through the example of the saints but more so through the holy liturgy, especially in the celebration of the Eucharist where the Mystery becomes present and illuminates with meaning and beauty all our existence. This is the extraordinary means by which our Savior, once dead and resurrected, shares His life with us, making us part of His Body as living members and making us participate in His beauty.

The Church at prayer is indeed part of the Body of Christ, and as such, forms a kind of an architecture, a structure of beauty thanks to the loving intercession of the Savior. From many sources, the New Testament describes the company of believers as a Temple, a holy and sanctified architecture that suggests the beauty of Jesus:

Florenskij described beauty in the liturgy, symbol of the symbols of the world as that which permits the transformation of time and space “in the holy, mysterious temple that shines with celestial beauty.”

The full document is here.

Image: the rose window at Notre Dame in Paris, By Zachi Evenor based on File:North rose window of Notre-Dame de Paris, Aug 2010.jpg by Julie Anne Workman – CC BY-SA 2.0,

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