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A Trash Bin

I think American football is in a downward spiral in many ways. As much as I admire players engaged in their communities, especially those protesting racial injustice especially in the face of white Republican owners, there are incidents like this … Continue reading

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The Kid Who Would Be King

A very good family film. It blends a once and future king and his allies, plus Merlin, a battle against Morgana with a modern day setting starting with a British school among students and moving across the countryside to Cornwall … Continue reading

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Deathbed Sacraments And Other Honors

Paul Inwood at PrayTell asks how we understand ministry. He cites a possible problem with an ordination of a man on his deathbed. This doesn’t strike me as a hill I’d want to get injured on, let alone die. Bishops … Continue reading

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Diocese of Rome Synod Address, Part 14, More of the Sense

In last month’s address to his diocese, Pope Francis elaborates on sensus fidei. First, we aren’t talking about a debate followed by voting. It is a human process, and in many ways a political one, in the sense of people … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: Beauty in the Liturgy, Part 3

Let’s continue with more reflections on Beauty in the Liturgy. An experience more recent than the glory of the Hagia Sophia … The French writer Paul Claudel allured to the internal force of the liturgy in witnessing to his conversion during the … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 9: The Reconciled Church, Part 1

The Reconciled Church, what are we to make of this term? A pastor I once knew, now deceased, spoke often of ministers who must be willing to do themselves what they ask of their people, especially newcomers in RCIA. I can … Continue reading

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