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What Next?

Two series wrap up this week. Three more posts on the Holy Father’s address to the Diocese of Rome to open the 2021-23 universal synod. This coming weekend we’ll reach the end of the Way of Beauty. What’s next? Not … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Psalm 109

The vehemence of Psalm 109 sparked my prayer recently. It is one of the major imprecatory psalms we discussed here two months ago. After the curses and ill-wishes, there is a tenderness in the appeal to God. I was wondering … Continue reading

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On Women, Men, and People

Somehow, I’d find recent fuss (like here at the NCReg) about avoiding the term “woman” a bit more convincing if the same media outlets and writers were avoiding the generic “man” when referring to people in general. It seems so … Continue reading

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Of Luke The Evangelist

Today’s observance in the Roman liturgical calendar is the man thought to have authored the third Gospel and the account of the first century Church known as the Acts of the Apostles. The image, left, is from the Grandes Heures … Continue reading

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Auxiliary Bishop To Crookston

I was driving the morning rush to pick up the young miss from the train station when I heard the news on Minnesota Public radio: our archdiocese’s auxiliary bishop has been appointed to the Crookston diocese, deep in the state’s … Continue reading

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Diocese of Rome Synod Address, Part 15, Including “Problem People”

We like to avoid difficult people, right? We run away, hide, don’t return phone calls, and steer them to the next parish down the road. Pope Francis, in his address to the Diocese of Rome for the universal synod, suggests … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: Beauty in the Liturgy, Part 4

Let’s finish up the topic of Beauty in the Liturgy. Superficiality, banality and negligence have no place in the liturgy. They not only do not help the believer progress on (the) path of faith but above all damage those who … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 9: The Reconciled Church, Part 2

If we are to be credible as┬áThe Reconciled Church we will need to render assistance in times of need as well as in our ordinary day-to-day interface with the world. Pope John Paul II counselled witness through personal example. Maybe … Continue reading

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