Auxiliary Bishop To Crookston

I was driving the morning rush to pick up the young miss from the train station when I heard the news on Minnesota Public radio: our archdiocese’s auxiliary bishop has been appointed to the Crookston diocese, deep in the state’s rural northwest. Bishop Andrew Cozzens replaces a man who resigned in scandal earlier this year. 

I don’t really know the new ordinary, other than his brief presence in archdiocesan synod video materials. A word of affirmation from the archbishop:

I consider it a great privilege to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Bishop Cozzens so closely in the last six years and will always be grateful that he was here to introduce me to the Archdiocese that he had come to know and love, first as a young NET missionary from Colorado, then as a seminarian, priest and bishop. His steadfast advocacy for those who had been hurt in any way by the Church, his passion for Catholic education and evangelization, his creative guidance of our Synod process, and his love for immigrants, refugees and those on the peripheries have all left what I hope will be an indelible mark on me and on this Archdiocese.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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