What Next?

Two series wrap up this week. Three more posts on the Holy Father’s address to the Diocese of Rome to open the 2021-23 universal synod. This coming weekend we’ll reach the end of the Way of Beauty. What’s next? Not sure.

I’ll continue to write on the synod process in my own diocese as well as pertinent developments in the wider world.

Personally, I feel a bit of spiritual renewal in my daily prayer with the Bible. But sharing on those points doesn’t seem topical.

I’ll certainly keep hammering away at political silliness in the US, especially from my sisters and brothers in Catholicism about elections. And vaccines too, and how much better it is to join the one in 500 Americans who have died from the virus than compromise our compromised principles on abortion or such. I heard some statistic cited today about 170k children orphaned by a pandemic death or two in the family. Sounds to me like some pro-lifers need to get cracking on adoption. And grin and bear it through those headaches, eh?

I’ve had my eye on this document for some years now. Perhaps once we finish Reconciliatio at Paenitentia. The upcoming USCCB document on the Eucharist might be interesting, but the topic has been well-covered by Vatican II and follow-up documents on sacraments and liturgy, as well as writings from popes the past half-century.

Maybe some loyal reader will have a suggestion or two.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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