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Cigar Box Ray, Martyr, Pray For Us

Nearly missed a feast day today. My friend John Donaghy wrote a good summary here eight years ago.  All holy women and men martyred for their witness to Christ and to a faith of simplicity, advocacy, and generosity, pray for … Continue reading

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Family Editions of the Hours: Compline

If the institution was serious, they would consider extra editions of the new Liturgy of the Hours effort. For half a century, we’ve had the four volume set, which is luscious. There’s also the Christian Prayer edition. And the “Shorter” … Continue reading

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The Wrong Question

A tough spot for the headline writers at the NCReg with this question from yesterday: How Do I Convert People Who Hate the Church? Here’s a hint: you can’t even convert yourself. Grace is an action of God, not a … Continue reading

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Introducing the Psalm. Or Not.

My wife listens to the daily readings on the USCCB website. I caught a bit of it while getting dressed this morning, and the introduction: “The Responsorial Psalm. The response is …” Pardon me for being distracted, but is all … Continue reading

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Diocese of Rome Synod Address, Part 17, The Dialogue of Salvation

Next in Pope Francis’ address to the Diocese of Rome, a reference, I assume, to the multivalent observation of the Church as both teacher and school. The methodology of this school is not lecture, a one-sided monologue, but instead a … Continue reading

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Via Pulchritudinis: The Beauty of Christ, Pastoral Proposals, Part 2

We have reached the final considerations of the document Via Pulchritudinis, The Beauty of Christ, Model and Prototype of Christian Holiness. And here are some Pastoral Proposals to wrap up our discussion. Pope John Paul II offered encouragement to find the Lord’s … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 10: God’s Initiative and the Church’s Ministry

Part One, Chapter Three takes a careful look at God’s Initiative and the Church’s Ministry. What does that mean exactly? First, that God is the One who freely offers every person the opportunity for reconciliation. To be sure, we know countless generations … Continue reading

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