Drug Dealers

My wife added me to her AARP membership. Boy, are they pee-ohed about the lack of reining in drug prices in the US. 

I know most commentators are referring to so-called Big Pharma in their news storties and commentaries today. I think I prefer drug dealers. That’s the term I’m using going ahead. What do you make of the 1920s notice, left? 

I think if there was a way to make money off drugs, corporations and other rich “people” would find it. And they have. Just think: a few pennies off that last pain killer you popped went into politicians’ pockets this past week.

I think our federal political system, “tourists” aside, is a game of musical chairs with two contestants and two chairs. No chair even gets dropped from the game, and no player is ever added. I’m sure that a few AARP members are planning not-Joe for their presidential vote in 2024, and sure: go ahead. You think the GOP candidate is going to help? Not if the drug dealers have anything to put in their pockets.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Drug Dealers

  1. Liam says:

    They are drug dealers, but they are not only drug dealers. After all, mRNA vaccines didn’t come out of a chicken’s ass. They are, like almost any human endeavor, mixed matter, wheat and chaff. Like me. Perhaps like other people you know. Demonizing is no more helpful than heroizing, but then again we live in a culture mired in addiction patterns and B&W thinking is part of that.

    Senator Sinema has done what she was paid to do, it would seem, but I doubt she was alone.

    Failing to defeat Senator Collins in Maine was costly. Can’t wish the cost away.

  2. I think they are far from demons. I would certainly applaud and embrace a change of heart–conversion is always possible. Perhaps it is enough to say simply: I am angry at the federal political situation in the US. And be done with it for the day.

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