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Dressing For Halloween

Some Christians fuss about the 31st of October. I don’t recall this being a thing until this century. Maybe it was in the 60s, but my parents were rather overprotective. We got those suffocating plastic masks and assembled sugary loot … Continue reading

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CDWDS Decree on Magnum Principium 13: Language

The Bishops’ Conference prepares translations of the liturgical books in vernacular languages and approves them, requesting confirmation before publication (cf. can. 838 § 3) Before we get deeply into the discussion on “Language,” a few things to note as we … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 13, Part 4: A Ministry Of Reconciliation

If a person can arrive at a “precision” with one’s own story of sinfulness, then effective and fruitful “treatment” is possible. This is a view of Penance as a healing sacrament: In the concrete circumstances of sinful humanity, in which … Continue reading

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The Drowning Christian Parable

Discussed here. Curtis Chang, co-founder of the project Christians and the Vaccine chats about the use of the parable: God sends masks, distancing, and a vaccine. What more could a person want? It’s actually a miracle of institutional cooperation and … Continue reading

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