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CDWDS Decree on Magnum Principium 17-19: The Translation Process

The CDWDS spends a lot of text on The translation process, eleven numbered paragraphs. Today, we’ll take the first three, starting with an admission that the matter of translation is no simple thing: 17. The experience of recent years has … Continue reading

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Singing With Saints

Today’s Lectionary offerings are a true lyrical feast. Singing the entire Liturgy of the Word would be nearer the intent of the texts than an ordinary reading. The Anglicans label the first reading a “Song of the Redeemed.” It’s probably … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Death

When this volume shipped in over twenty years ago, a parishioner commented, “What kind of book is that?” Gone are the days of spiral binding from this series, alas. The “traditional” bookbinding they print these days doesn’t hold up as … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 14: The Mystery of Sin

Part Two, Chapter One commences with this numbered section. If that “one” seems confusing, I’ll refer readers to our outline from some weeks ago. The topic of sections 14 through 18 is┬áThe Mystery of Sin. Where we left off in … Continue reading

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