On my way to get a booster shot yesterday, I ran across a medical opinion piece from my friend Jeffrey Tucker’s libertarian confreres. It wasn’t at that link–the piece disappeared from my news feed. (Apparently, my internet corporate masters figured out I wasn’t anti-vax-inclined so I got something instead about DST–more on that in a bit.)

Apparently also, I’m supposed to respect an essay from guys who have MD and PhD after their names. They got one bit wrong about viruses housing themselves in vaccinated persons without showing symptoms and infecting the unsuspecting. They also didn’t have much on how children are or aren’t getting sick. They just said they aren’t. 

The nurse was concerned about two dates on my JJ vax card. My shot was dated 4/12/21, but there was a sticker listing 6/21/21–was that a second vaccination, she asked. Not unless I got it in a dream, I said. Maybe it was an expiration date on the contents. They went ahead with the plan.

The morning after, I think I can be functional. My main JJ shot in April was hardly anything. Today, the arm is a bit more sore, and there’s a general ache all over. If it were a day off, I’d say a nap is in the offing. I will comment I slept pretty well overnight and to a point well past my usual waking hour.

Libertarians are so funny. Authentic libertarians seemed to have gone away with organized agriculture. Real libertarians wouldn’t depend on underpaid farm workers and would be doing their own hunting and gathering. They wouldn’t be driving on government-made roads–they would have raised a colt from childhood and be traveling everywhere the old-fashioned way–on the back of a beast of burden.

The world seems far too complex and crowded for libertarians to be anything other than opportunists, taking advantage of other people when convenient, and complaining when living in a society of more than one becomes inconvenient.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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