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Times Change

I showed up 80 minutes before morning Mass today. Just in case, you know? People came on time, as it happened. About an hour later. Lots of them. One of our highest attendance marks, coming out of the pandemic. In … Continue reading

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CDWDS Decree on Magnum Principium 25: The Most Important Texts

Many of you readers are familiar with the principle of progressive solemnity. Something like that operates within the rites. Gospel readings are more important than gospel alleluia verses. The Preface over the preparation rite prayers. The CDWDS recognizes some ritual … Continue reading

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Some 70s Thoughts On Psalms

Every so often, it’s worth looking back in time. What did our parents and grandparents really experience in the aftermath of Vatican II? Reformers and progressives speak of struggles and small triumphs, a work hardly complete and mostly just barely … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 16: Personal Sin and Social Sin, Part 4: Social Evils Between Communities

Pope John Paul II describes the essence of most liberation movements. There is God’s intention for people to live in fruitful harmony. The third meaning of social sin refers to the relationships between the various human communities. These relationships are … Continue reading

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