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Texts for Christ the King

Fun with some texts at the last Sunday of the Roman liturgical year. I rather liked the opening prayer for this Sunday, cycle B, in MR2: It’s a simple form.  The first sentence offers a taste of today’s New Testament … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 18: The Loss of the Sense of Sin, Part 5: Guilting The Young

It’s a small paragraph, but given the angst in the US over so-called white guilt, it seems an interesting point for Pope John Paul II to have made when he writes of The Loss of the Sense of Sin. Finally the … Continue reading

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War On Christmas: HOA Theater

The annual War on Christmas seems to be especially muted this year. Or that could be because the fam has switched off cable for good with our recent move, and we don’t even have a newsprint subscription any longer. I suppose … Continue reading

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