Beatitudes for Bishops V

The Beatitudes for Bishops’ original text is here, in Italian. Pope Francis seems to approve, making it a handout at a recent meeting of Italy’s national episcopal conference.

Blessed is the bishop who banishes duplicity of heart, who avoids every ambiguous dynamic, who dreams of the good even in the midst of evil, because he will be able to rejoice in God’s countenance, discovering his reflection in every puddle of the city of (humankind).

The one thing that strikes me is the “ambiguous dynamic.” What on earth is that? Playing various sides against the others? Declining to make commitments to people or processes? Perhaps there are times for a pastor to wait and see how some experiment or innovation or effort will play out before making a decision to throw full support into it or pull the plug. I suspect the author, himself a bishop, has something else in mind.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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