Christmas Stamp 1962

US people lobbied for years for Christmas-themed postage stamps. Their wish finally came to pass 49 years ago:

Anticipating a huge demand for the new Christmas stamp, the (US Post Office) Department ordered 500 million printed — the largest number produced for a special stamp until that time.

I rather like the design. Simple. Old-timey font on the text. Not liturgical colors, but the green/red thing was pretty popular as I remember it when I was a boy. Suggests conifers and poinsettias. The federal government anticipated high demand, but the clamor for this issue was way beyond that initial printing:

The initial supply sold out quickly and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing began working around-the-clock to print more. By the end of 1962, nearly 862 million of the stamps had been printed and distributed.

Pro-separation folk tried but failed to put the kibosh on it:

Although the decision to print a Christmas stamp generated some controversy, especially from groups concerned about maintaining the separation of church and state, legal actions to bar the stamps were not successful.

After 1962, it became an annual thing. Now, multiple designs each year–religious–not just Christian, secular, cultural, variations on themes.


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