$380M Plus Seats

I think women gymnasts are on the right track here. I heard that some money was left on the table in exchange for representatives on various committees:

A series of nonmonetary provisions will make the victims stakeholders at USA Gymnastics going forward. The provisions include a dedicated seat on the organization’s Safe Sport Committee, Athlete Health and Wellness Council and the board of directors, as well as a thorough look at the culture and practices within USA Gymnastics that allowed abusers like Nassar to run unchecked for years.

No solution will be perfect in terms of rooting out all abusers, but this participation strikes me as an appropriate measure of restorative justice. If it rankles the mansplainers in sport, law enforcement, and on boards of directors, all the better. Maybe it needs to be a consideration in communities beset by police brutality and resulting unrest. Nothing replaces voted-in folk, but victims and survivors certainly need a voice in the room. Preferably present and strong.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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