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Christmas Stamps 1970: Joseph Debuts, Plus Some Toys

Thanks to Lorenzo Lotto, a 16th century painter from Venice, we get a full Christmas scene in 1970 for cards and letters courtesy of the US Post Office. The National Gallery of Art supplied the art. Check the full original here. … Continue reading

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Responses And Explanatory Notes to Questions on Traditionis Custodes

This dropped on the Vatican site on the 18th: “RESPONSA AD DUBIA on certain provisions of the Apostolic Letter TRADITIONIS CUSTODES issued “Motu Proprio” by the Supreme Pontiff FRANCIS” It is addressed TO THE PRESIDENTS OF THE CONFERENCES OF BISHOPS. It consists of … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 27: The Sacraments, Part 2: Confirmation

A brief catechesis on Confirmation: Confirmation likewise, as a ratification of baptism and together with baptism a sacrament of initiation, in conferring the fullness of the Holy Spirit and in bringing the Christian life to maturity, signifies and accomplishes thereby … Continue reading

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