Christmas Stamps 1970: Joseph Debuts, Plus Some Toys

Thanks to Lorenzo Lotto, a 16th century painter from Venice, we get a full Christmas scene in 1970 for cards and letters courtesy of the US Post Office. The National Gallery of Art supplied the art. Check the full original here. It contains a crucifix edited out of the stamp presentation–it’s just beyond the left border. 

Saint Joseph makes his US appearance on a Christmas stamp. I approve of that development, though not his older look. Tradition, I know.

In case any Americans wanted to send mail with a non-religious theme, they had an alternative. Four to play with, in fact. See below.


All wheels.

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1 Response to Christmas Stamps 1970: Joseph Debuts, Plus Some Toys

  1. Liam says:

    The older look is the Eastern tradition (St Epiphanios of Salamis), the younger look the dominant (but not exclusive) trend in the Western tradition (St Jerome).

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