Responses And Explanatory Notes to Questions on Traditionis Custodes

This dropped on the Vatican site on the 18th:

“RESPONSA AD DUBIA on certain provisions of the Apostolic Letter TRADITIONIS CUSTODES issued “Motu Proprio” by the Supreme Pontiff FRANCIS”


It consists of a lengthy introduction penned by Archbishop Arthur Roche, CDWDS head. Here’s the first paragraph:

Following the publication by Pope Francis of the Apostolic Letter “Motu Proprio data” Traditionis custodes on the use of the liturgical books from prior to the reform of the Second Vatican Council, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, which exercises the authority of the Apostolic See for material within its competence (cf. Traditionis custodes, n. 7), received several requests for clarification on its correct application. Some questions have been raised from several quarters and with greater frequency. Therefore, after having carefully considered them, having informed the Holy Father and having received his assent, the responses to the most recurrent questions are published herewith.

This publication is all about responding to questions. The direction of the answers seems pretty straightforward. The Traditional Latin Mass will pass into history in the Roman Church. It won’t happen next year, or likely in the 2030s. But the direction of Vatican II and Traditionis Custodes would likely see it happen before the turn of the next century.


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