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Christmas Stamps 1971: Shepherds and a Partridge

Another 16th century Venetian, the one known as Giorgione, gave the US mail his Adoration of the Shepherds, once again courtesy of the National Gallery of Art. The USPS edited out the accompanying landscape. Obviously, way too large for such … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 27: The Sacraments, Part 3: The Eucharist

The definition which St. Augustine gives of the eucharist as “sacramentum pietatis, signum unitatis, vinculum caritatis”(St. Augustine, In Ioannis Evangelium Tractatus, 26, 13: CCL 36, 266) clearly illustrates the effects of personal sanctification (pietas) and community reconciliation (unitas and caritas) … Continue reading

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