Christmas Stamps 1971: Shepherds and a Partridge

Another 16th century Venetian, the one known as Giorgione, gave the US mail his Adoration of the Shepherds, once again courtesy of the National Gallery of Art. The USPS edited out the accompanying landscape. Obviously, way too large for such a small slip of paper.

Note the 33% jump in the first-class rate. Note also the blurriness in the image–I checked a number of stamp dealers online and all their examples appeared this way. Joseph seems also to have put on a few years from 1970.

If someone wanted to avoid a religious theme, perhaps they’d need to dig out some toy stamps from last year. Check out the first verse of that popular Christmas song illustrated in a lovely green, below and left. Christians looking for symbolism in the song see Jesus in both the bird and in the true love.


I don’t think much of either design. The religious one blurry and again, why not an American painter?

And the partridge is part of a cluttered presentation. Anybody notice the pear is listed as 8 cents? There was never a follow-up to more of the gifts of the song. I guess that those turtle doves were a little too biblical, and as the numbers piled up in later verses, there’s only so much room on a postage stamp.

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